Once Upon a Day Trip From Bangalore by Bike!

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Once Upon a Day Trip From Bangalore by Bike!

Once Upon a Day Trip From Bangalore by Bike!


Hustling from sunrise to sunset can take a lot of work. Just imagine escaping the bustles and hustles of Bangalore’s busy streets just for a day to enjoy the Tranquility of nature and much more! Sounds interesting? Hit pause your hustling and monotonous life and take a day trip from Bangalore by bike to experience this!

If you’re seeking a perfect one-day escape, several halcyon southern destinations await you! From luscious greenery vibes, steep hills, and heritage sites to scenic lakes, these one-day trip places in Bangalore are worth exploring. What’s the wait for? Pack your bags and explore this picture-perfect scenery with your friends without delay!

12 Ideal Spots for One Day Stay Trip From Bangalore

Stuck in the hustle and bustle of work or studies from Bangalore? Are your days exhausting and tiring? It would help to have a quick getaway tonic to break free and refresh your mind. One day’s visit near Bangalore is your ticket to explore perfect-picturesque destinations for a pleasant retreat. Here are the perfect places for a day trip near Bangalore that’s worth exploring:

  1. Antaragange: 70 KM away from Bangalore
    Are you an adventure junky? Or do you love to skip, hop, and jump over smooth surfaces? If you are looking for a day trip near Bangalore, Antara Gange—The best trekking spot near Kolar, is a must-visit destination! This place is best suited for those with agile limbs; children and older adults can visit temples at the foothills.
  2. Bannerghatta National Park: 22 KM away from Bangalore
    Are you fond of butterflies? Then this place is just the perfect choice for you. This mesmerizing park in Bengaluru covers approximately 7.5 acres and includes a conservatory, museum, and audiovisual room. This beautiful park is known as India’s 1st butterfly enclosure, introduced in Bannerghatta National Park. And guess what? This conservatory can accommodate about 20 species of butterflies. Why not ride down the aisle of this beautiful butterfly paradise? A day trip from Bangalore by bike to this place will be worth exploring.
  3. Kanakapura: 63 KM Away from Bangalore
    Have you ever heard about the scenic, luscious green slopes and the nightlife treks from Bangaloreans? Well, this place called Kanakapura exists for real. Several campsites and homestays are there with bonfires and natural greenery vibes. Just the perfect one-day trip-escape you’ll love to explore!
  4. Krishnagiri: 100 km away from Bangalore
    Is your love for Mangoes never-ending? Krishnagiri is the best escape to be! Step out and take a day’s drive from Bangalore to Krishnagiri, a town of historic importance and known for its delectable mango trade. With Krishnagiri, places like Sayed Basha Hills and Gandhi Salai are worth exploring too.
  5. Makalidurga: 60 KM Away From Bangalore
    Makalidurga is 10 km from Doddaballapur and is a little-known paradise close to Bangalore. Love to trek? Or are you a trekking enthusiast? This town is the perfect place for you to explore. Why wait? Please make up your mood to visit near Bangalore to Makalidurga one day and explore its quintessential fort, perfect-picturesque lake, and a railway line along its southern rim, covering the luscious green bushes blooming everywhere.
  6. Mysore: 144 KM Away from Bangalore
    Mysore, the quintessential yet majestic sister of Bangalore! A must-visit destination if you love to dive into Kannadiga culture. Whether mesmerizing, radiating palaces or fragrance-flooded gardens, Mysore is a perfect escape destination that anyone would want to visit multiple times. Get set-go and take a day trip from Bangalore by bike to this commensal fascinating tour, a conventional Kannadiga affair.
  7. Nandi Hills: Distance from Bangalore - 75 km
    If you work or study in Bangalore—Garden City, Nandi Hills should top your travel bucket list. Why? Nandi Hills is the perfect picturesque spot with many experiences yet to be discovered. For nature lovers and thrill-seekers like you, there are several activities you can indulge in at Nandi Hills, from the enlivening rush of skydiving high above the dense landscape to relaxing walks and luscious greenery. And guess what? You’ll find another hidden gem waiting to explore at the Nandi Hills, i.e., a fascinating winery hosted by Grover Wines. This one-day stay trip from Bangalore is a must-visit destination for every wine enthusiast or adventure seeker. So, are you ready to enter the spot of orchards and antiquate scenery and experience the wine-tasting treat?
  8. Savandurga: 60 KM Away From Bangalore
    Rock climbing is another quintessential adventure sport that anyone can attain! Explore the rock formations and natural caves of Savandurga, a must-visit destination. Take a one-day visit near Bangalore and peacefully explore these natural caves and rock formations. These foothills cradle two temples as well. You will find a river, Arkavathi, within trekking that flows towards the Manchanabele Dam, known for its water sports.
  9. Ramanagara: 50 KM Away From Bangalore
    Widely known as the “Sholay Hills”. The perfect Bangalore one-day trip and one of the mesmerizing sights of the Bollywood blockbuster. Bangaloreans call it the Silk City because of its sericulture industry. Is your love for Bollywood and theatre never-ending? Take a one-day drive from Bangalore to Janapada Loka in Ramanagara, a local theatre for live performances, and Channapatna, widely known for its wooden handcrafted toys.
  10. Skandagiri: 60 KM Away from Bangalore
    Love to watch the sunrise? Hop onto NH7 for a one-day drive from Bangalore and a smooth ride to Skandagiri, which localities and travelers around Bangalore love. Please arrive at the starting spot while it’s still dark to catch the sunrise hues, have a hearty breakfast as the sun rises, and begin your 5 km trek back down.
  11. Shimoga: 300 KM Away from Bangalore
    This town, known as Shivamogga, lies on the Tunga River banks. Love to trek? Take a one-day drive from Bangalore to this beautiful place for several trekking spots home to some fantastic locales. And guess what? Remember to visit the most popular spots of Shimoga town, i.e., Jog Hills and Kodachadri, and Sekrebailu, an elephant camp open during morning hours.
  12. Sakleshpur: 240 KM Away From Bangalore
    Just imagine you riding down the perfect picturesque spots along its winding roads! Find the mesmerizing western ghats of the sub-continent. Sounds interesting? Then why wait? Pack your bag and take a day-stay trip from Bangalore to this scenic spot plunged away in the perfect folds of the Sakleshpur mountain. Quintessential cavern spot for localities and nature lovers who spree in the greenery vibes that unwind down its ropes. Get ready to feel lost in the mystical fragrances!


A quick getaway from Bangalore lingering on your mind? If yes, then what’s waiting for? These iconic spots are waiting for you to be explored. Hop on your bikes and ride on these perfect Bangalore day trips! With simple bike renting from GoBikes, you are all set to have a happy weekend full of exploration of new places, meeting new people, and enjoying the most.

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