Vroom From Bangalore to Mysore—Distance by Bike, Cost, and More!

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Vroom From Bangalore to Mysore—Distance by Bike, Cost, and More!

Vroom From Bangalore to Mysore—Distance by Bike, Cost, and More!


Mysore—Home to ancient historical legends and iconic royal families! This city of Palaces is widely recognized for its Indian heritage and history. When you explore this city, you’ll find many visitors here, mainly to discover the essence of its towers and culture.

Planning to travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

Mysore has been essential to India’s history because of its traditional culture and iconic heritage. Why wait? Explore this city to discover everything Mysore has to offer! Bangalore Mysore Distance is about 150 kilometers away, but it is worth visiting!

A smooth road trip from Bangalore to Mysore by Bike is always a good idea! You get to experience the hustle-bustle of interconnected roads and, similarly, quintessential pit stops on your way! The Bangalore to Mysore distance by bike is quite affordable and safe. While taking a road trip from Bangalore to Mysore by Bike, you save time and visit more sights than rest options.

Bangalore to Mysore Distance—Highway Information

  • Highway Name - Bangalore Mysore Highway or Expressway
  • Highway Route Number - NH 275
  • Start Point - Mysore main road, Bangalore
  • End Point - Mysore
  • Highway Quality - Outstanding
  • Total Distance - Approx 150 Kilometers
  • Bangalore to Mysore distance by bike - Approximately 150 kilometers
  • Bangalore Mysore distance on arrival - Approximately 143 km
  • Bangalore to Mysore by Road duration - 2 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Bangalore to Mysore by Train duration - 2 Hours 50 Minutes
  • Best Time to Visit - Winters from December to February

Two-Famous Routes to Choose from Bangalore Mysore Distance

When you plan to cover the Bangalore to Mysore distance by bike, here are the two primary routes that you can pick.

  1. Bangalore to Mysore via NH-948
    It is a long route and is about 200 Km, although you will find no-to-little traffic jams here due to road construction. Ensure that you follow the live maps and check for traffic updates when you head out to travel.

    Places You Can Explore on NH-948 Route * More than 30 buried temples are situated in Talakadu, Malavalli, near the Shivanasamudra Waterfall that surrounds this quintessential Kaveri River. * Mekefatu Dam and Reservoir, Kanakapura, seems like a refreshing reservoir filled with fresh water! It’s a quick pit stop for a refreshing break. * Shivanasamudra Waterfall, Malavalli - Depart from the Malavalli highway to reach this mesmerizing waterfall, which sparkles during the rainy season—looking for a quick picnic spot? It is the right place to be! * Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura—Quintessential waterfall is worth the visit, mainly because of its rock-stone setting surrounding the luscious greenery!

    Food Eateries on NH-948 Route * Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant, Kallahalli - Delicious vegetarian cuisine or North Indian dishes freshly served in this fantastic restaurant on the expressway! * NH 209 Family Garden Restaurant, Bolare - Another highway bistro with the garden setting the theme, an ideal choice for friends and family!

  2. Bangalore to Mysore via NH275 Expressway
    The most popular yet the shortest and fastest route from Bangalore to Mysore distance by bike! As this is the new expressway, the chances of traffic jams are reduced. The Bangalore Mysore distance on this route is about 140 km by bike, and it can be covered easily in less than 3 hours. Be cautious; check the live maps and traffic updates before heading out.

    Places You Can Explore on NH-275 Route * Ranganathitthu Bird Sanctuary, Srirangapatna, is 160 km from Mysore and one of the state’s most significant bird sanctuaries! So, this place is a must-visit. * Ramdevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary, Ramanagara, surrounds the highway with its mountainous areas! It is home to a natural reserve and giant vultures. * Channapatna is famous for its handcrafted toys made of wood and is the most loved place by kids! And what about adults? You will find the best winery and famous yet iconic paintings here! * Kanva Reserve, Ramanagara: When you deviate towards Kunigal main road, you will see the extensive and quintessential Kanva Reserve, a lake covered by luscious green grassy meadows and hills. * Daria Daulat Bagh, Srirangapatna, is widely recognized as the summer palace of Tipu Sultan, who was ruler and king of Mysore once. Apart from this, you can also visit the legendary king’s burial at Tipu Sultan Gumbaz. * Kokkare, Bellur—Travelling during monsoon or peak winters? It is a must-visit spot, right before Maddur. * Janapada Loka, Ramanagara, is a unique conservatory for local crafts that showcases regional traditions and cultures. The luscious green vibes near the Doddamannagudde forest call for scenes of strolling around the forest, which is famous for its nature and history.

    Food Spots on NH-275 Route * Thotada Mana, Srirangapatna - Freshly served traditional meals, a local restaurant famous among the wanderers like you! * Maddur Tiffany’s, Mandya district - Try the famous “Maddur Vada” dish here! * Kamat Lokaruchi - Trending expressway restaurant for travelers and wanderers like you! Hot and Tempting vegetarian meals are freshly served here!

Both routes are best suited for traveling from Bangalore to Mysore. But are there any time constraints? Then opt for the route via Bangalore to Mysore NH275 expressway as it is shorter than the other one.

Explore More of Mysore in a Jeffy

Did you know? Mysore’s food trail is one of the most popular traditions in itself. From delicious food like idli and its types, dosa, ragi mudde, and clitoris to other spicy multiple curries, you’ll get everything here! And, of course, the most famous Mysore Pak, a must-try dish!

Your love for scrumptious dishes is never-ending, too? Visit these popular eateries for a foo-delicious day in Mysore:

  • The Old House, situated on JBL Road
  • Mahesh Prasad near Ashok Circle
  • Oyster Bay, Kannada Parishath Road
  • Poojari’s Fish Land, Mysore- Bangalore Road
  • Gufha Restaurant, Bangalore- Nilgiri Road
  • Hotel Hanumanthu Original 1930, Akbar Road


Mysore-The City of Palaces is widely known for its iconic monuments, majestic architectural structures, and palaces, which makes this city one of the famous crown jewels of Karnataka. Love for art, grandeur, and culture excites you? Then Mysore is the best place to be! Make the most of your Mysore trip with GoBikes —a two-wheeler rental option. Explore the hidden gems of Mysore freely, safely, and affordably. With this, don’t forget to visit the Rail Museum to see what tiny little tracks have to say!

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