Wheeling Through Mysore Wonders From Bangalore

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Wheeling Through Mysore Wonders From Bangalore

Wheeling Through Mysore Wonders From Bangalore


“It’s not always about the destination; It’s about the journey that matters.” —You must have heard this saying! When traveling from Bangalore towards the majestic Mysore, you’ll find the NH roads glutted with layovers reminiscent of the historic Karnataka culture.

However, the Bangalore to Mysore visit road trip is the best decision you’ll ever make if you’re planning to explore this quintessential city! Are you tired of your hectic schedule and want a break? Why not take the best bike visit trip in Bangalore to explore these beauties? Still skeptical about planning a vacation? It’s time to take a breather from the city’s claustrophobic nature and solo vacation or travel with friends and family! From piping hot filter tea or coffee to fluffy Idli - this exemplary light food is a cherry on top while traveling for wanderers like you!

Journey From Galore of Bangalore to Mysore and More!

The best time to visit Bangalore—Mysore is the winter, i.e., peak October to February or during the Monsoon season! The time duration from Bangalore is about 4 hours one way, and it is 150 kilometers away. Ready to experience more of the majestic beauty of Mysore? This is the best place to bike in Bangalore! Are you visiting Mysore for the first time? Then remember to visit Mysore Palace and the Museum there! Buckle up quickly, from breakfast in Bangalore to lunch in Mysore. A lot more is awaiting you to explore.

NH 275 and NH 948 Routes are the most suggested route from Bangalore to Mysore. It may have drawbacks, including roadblocks due to construction or traffic jams, but it is still the most chosen option for truck drivers and travelers.

How to Reach There

Well, skeptical about the Bangalore to Mysore visit road trip? Fret not. Both bike and car trips are enjoyable to take. How about enjoying the quintessential sights that come along the way? Sounds interesting. It is only possible on either bike or car trips. Of course, there’s so much more to explore in Mysore, apart from these fantastic pit stops that come in between. What are you waiting for? Hop on a bike and get-set-going!

To-Do and Don’ts List When in Mysore

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when visiting Mysore you should take care of:

  • Avoid excess pollution when in eco-friendly Mysore city
  • Know the visit timings of tourist sports
  • Plastic bags are banned here, so avoid using them
  • For a warm sun experience, visit Chamundi Hills in the early morning or peak evenings.
  • Smoking is forbidden here, so avoid it.

From Bangalore to Must-Mysore-See Spots

When on your trip from Bangalore to Mysore, there are many places on the way to explore. All these will offer you a unique experience. This is why going from Bangalore to Mysore distance by bike is a great idea. So, here is a list of a few places to check out:

  1. Maddur: Widely known for being the epicenter of Ammunition manufacturing back then! Also famous for the delicious deep-fried South Indian food—the Maddur Vada. Have a cup of hot filter tea along with Maddur Vada, and you’re all set for the rest of your Bangalore to Mysore visit road trip. Explore the famous bird sanctuary here, and it is worth an Instagram story!

  2. Bidadi: The popular tourist stop that is worth the deviation. An adventure resort called Wonder La is a must-visit resort in Bidadi. Also, if you are filmy or love to explore South Indian cinema, visit the Innovative film city of Bidadi, known for its quintessential South Indian film culture vibes! This is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore and Mysore!

  3. Channapatna: Have you ever visited Sante in Bangalore or the Annual Lalbagh Flower Show? Then Channapatna is a must-visit for you! Famous for its colorful wooden toys and hand-painted artifacts, it is the most loved place by kids! What’s in store for adults? Well, it is the quintessential winery with world-class amenities, wine-tasting opportunities, and the most loved place by adults like you! It is another popular, yet the best, Bangalore to Mysore visit road trip.

  4. Srirangapatna: This “Oh-so-cute-pit-stop” at the UNESCO Heritage site. Several monuments here have witnessed the Tipu Sultan’s reign for decades. Your love for sunrise and sunset is never-ending, too? It is worth experiencing the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset hues here as the Kaveri River flows sideways, making it an island just in the heart of the Mandya district of Karnataka!

  5. Ramanagara: Any Bollywood lovers here? Well, just to let you know, the iconic blockbuster-Sholay-was shot here! Just imagine you enacting “Gabbar–hoon. Kitne Admi the?” Scene?! Of course, many of you would love to enact this scene and experience the filmy vibe. Ramanagara is a star-studded town known as a Silk City because of its sustainable fabric and top-notch quality penchant.

  • A Royal Residency, Fit for a Majesty—This Spot is called Mysore Palace
  • Blooms Blooming, Dreams Zooming—This spot is Brindavan Gardens
  • The place of fur and feathers—Mysore Zoo
  • Both nature and beauty wink—Bonzai Garden
  • A place where tracks tell tiny tales—Rail Museum
  • The spot where flow meets frolic, and water whispers—Balmuri Waterfalls
  • Quintessential serenity flowing and nature’s mirror glowing—Lingambudhi Lake

A good vacation is complete with hopping on shopping streets! How about taking something traditional along? Apart from the unforgettable moments captured by your phone or DSLR, why not gift yourself some traditional artifacts of Mysore? Sounds interesting? From affordable silk sarees and delicious sweets to sandalwood and wooden paintings—choose anything you feel is suitable to gift!


Have you made it to Mysore? Once you are settling in here, there will be much more on your table to explore! Ride through the Bike safely and comfortably. Whether it is the Best bike visit trip in Bangalore or a from Bangalore to Mysore visit road trip, GoBikes has got you covered! Being an eco-friendly city, Mysore also has light rush-hour traffic, and traveling from Bangalore to Mysore on a road trip will not trouble you because of its wide-spread roads.

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