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Bike on Rent in Kolkata - Scooty on Rent in Kolkata

Your search for bike rent in Kolkata, bike on rent in Kolkata and scooty on rent in Kolkata ends here. You can log into our website to find yourself the best options available for renting out bikes in the city. Get a seamless experience at affordable prices. The comfort of riding a bike will never have felt better.

Our Service

GoBikes, based in Delhi, has been providing the best service in the monthly bike rental domain. The domain consists of multiple bike options from which the customers can select the ones that they like. After strong success in Delhi, GoBikes have started to expand its reach. It is now expanding to Kolkata to answer all your bike on rent in Kolkata, bike rent in Kolkata, scooty on rent in Kolkata queries. If you’re looking for a bike on rent in Kolkata we can help you out by finding just the perfect bike for your needs. With different options including scooty on rent in Kolkata, we seek to bring to you the best vehicles that match what you require. An extensive range of bikes are available for all requirements.

Why choose us?

GoBikes is committed to maximal customer satisfaction. GoBikes provides an amazing range of options for bike on rent in Kolkata, bike rent in Kolkata: monthly bike rental, immediate bike booking, and other flexible renting options. Our commitment is iron-clad to you. Our executives are trained and seek to deliver the best services and solve any complaints, queries, etc. you may have. Our vehicles are always properly maintained under all circumstances. Additionally, you don’t have to cover for insurance either!

Monthly bike rental, bike on rent in Kolkata, bike rent in Kolkata is extremely affordable and an efficient smart choice for daily commute in the city. In Kolkata, the “which is the bike rental near me” query would lead you straight to GoBikes. Affordable prices, no hard documentation requirement, unmatched customer service, and 24X7 servicing makes GoBikes a pioneer in its domain. No matter what kind of trouble you run into, you’ll always find us by your side at all times!

Monthly bike rental would enable its users to test out the service over a reliable period of time. Not only would it be easy on the pocket but it would also make the daily commute hassle-free and consequently save the customer both time and money. A bike rental is a viable alternative for you and anyone else because these are quite affordable. You just have to pay a daily rent, or a monthly rent and you’re good to go! We take care of maintenance, insurance, etc. This is why getting a rental means you can live your life stress free!

The days of owning a vehicle are long gone. The new era of booking on the go and renting is here. And it is here to stay. Bike on rent in Kolkata, bike rent in Kolkata are the new age buzzwords. Test the taste of these new times alongside GoBikes, a startup created with the vision of making transportation hassle-free, affordable and efficient. With GoBikes expanding to multiple cities across the country, simply search for bike rental near me to find the nearest GoBikes hub.


  • Do I need to be 18 and above to rent a bike?

    Yes. The reason being licenses are no registration for bikes before 18. However, our state may allow a scooty licence from 16.

  • Do I have to pay for fuel?

    Yes. Fuel expenses are borne by the rider entirely. We just take the amount required for renting the vehicle for a day.

  • Can I rent a bike for one day?

    Yes you can. There are several daily options available.

  • What happens if the bike breaks down?

    You give Go Bikes a call and they will help you out of the situation that you’re in.

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